Hanif Mike Karim emigrated from Pakistan to the United States in 1971. He was the National Table Tennis champion and No 1 player in the country for two years. He was also the Captain of the National Team that participated in the World Championship in Munich, Germany.

He has worked in the films such as Two Brothers, The Holy Man, Drugs & Chocolates, Cerebrum and The Psychic. He was the Executive producer, creator/writer and played multiple roles in Two Brothers which won several awards. He is currently Co-Producing a feature film based on his book “Where is Sophia”, http://www.whereissophia.net/.

The title of the film is also the same “Where is Sophia”, http://www.whereissophia.com.

He recently finished another book by the name of “Secular Soulmates”, https://www.secularsoulmates.com. He did voice over work in Rambo III and has worked in theater as well.

He did his MBA in Los Angeles and retired from U.S federal government, where he worked in the law enforcement area for the Department of Justice. He has his own website http://www.hanifkarim.com/

He lives in the canyon area north of Los Angeles and enjoys writing, meditation, and biking.  He has also returned to the table tennis circuit as a senior player. He is a former United States National Champion in the over 60 division.